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Aleta Pardalis

Aleta Pardalis Designs
Costume Designer/ cosplayer
Oceanside, New York
Aleta Pardalis is the daughter of a clothing designer. She designed her first Edwardian style dress in 7th grade and had designed a Tudor style gown by 10th grade. After graduating high school in Florida the early 90’s she discovered comic, sci-fi and anime conventions and started to create comic and anime costumes for those events. By 2003 she was regularly attending DragonCon and participating in the Dawn look-a-like contest held there. She credits both DragonCon and that competition for upping the bar for her costuming. She started to specialize in original versions of costumes fairly quickly and in 2002 she redesigned her old Edwardian dress, and then with her mother and grandmother created a Victorian evening gown, followed in 2005 with her Victorian Dawn costume. In 2008 she created her first version of her steampunk Wonder Woman costume which was based on both Amazonia and a Silof figure. That was followed by Steampunk Morgan Le Fey, Airship Pirate Dawn, Steampunk Baroness (GI Joe), a revamped Steampunk Wonder Woman, pinup Belle, Steampunk Poison Ivy, Steampunk Catwoman, Steampunk Black Widow, Steampunk Death (Sandman), Steampunk Rowena Ravenclaw and most recently Steampunk Maleficent. Costumes still in the works include, Steampunk Jem and the Holograms, Dieselpunk Captain Marvel and a steampunk Wonder Woman armor.
She has a public Facebook Page www.facebook.com/AletaPardalisPublic, an Etsy shop Morgan Le Fey's Alchemical Creations http://www.etsy.com/MorganLeFeyAC and a Storenvy shop http://aletapardalis.storenvy.com/ where she sells prints, custom made wands and geeky themed handmade soaps. In addition she has also recently started taking costume commissions.

Awards and Other Accomplishments

Best theatrical presentation Dawn look-a-like contest 2006
Grimm Visions Calendar
Pyrates Way Magazine
Girls of the Con 2012 Calendar
1000 great Costume and Cosplay ideas
Gearhearts Steampunk Glamour Revue vol 8
Panelist for the Alternate History Track at DragonCon 2012 and 2013
2013 Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Award for best dressed steampunk female
2014 Steampunk Chronicle’s Reader’s Choice Award winner for Steampunk Rowena Ravenclaw
2014 Geeky Awards Cosplay Nominee for Steampunk Rowena Ravenclaw
2014 costuming guest of honor at ConTemporal.
2014 2nd place Movies and Television category Eastern Championships of Cosplay